Ori and the Blind Forest

This is a small selection of Artworks and Conceptart I did over the course of 3,5 years at Moonstudios working on our beautiful Game Ori and the Blind Forest. I started off as the only artist on the team in September 2011 mainly responsible for look development and worldbuilding. My main focus was on creating distinct looks for all environments you can see in the game. Later on I worked a lot on setdressing the layouts from our Gamedesigners working in Unity 3D. Also I had the pleasure to create many of the animated ingame sequences and Visual FX.

It was an incredible journey and mainly a learning experience on all levels.

My amazing colleagues:
Johannes Figlhuber: https://www.artstation.com/artist/jaster
Simon Kopp: https://www.artstation.com/artist/acapulco

Maximilian degen spirittree

Spirittree Light Ceremony

Maximilian degen oricover


Maximilian degen inside ginso 07

Inside Ginso Tree

Maximilian degen thegiftsketch01

Naru Intro Sequence

Maximilian degen findingori2

Finding Sein

Maximilian degen spirit tree 07


Maximilian degen timelinescene03 4

Naru and Ori eating Berries

Maximilian degen timelinescene03dead 2

Naru and Ori eating Berries as Spirits